Clarence O. Kuester, The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce “Booster Kuester”

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Jan 26

Clarence O. Kuester, the father of Faison Kuester Sr., and grandfather of Faison Kuester Jr. was prominently known as the president of Charlotte’s Chamber of Commerce in the early 1900s.

The Kuester Family holds deep roots within Charlotte dating back to the 1800’s. In fact, Clarence Kuester was a major part of the early growth of Charlotte, nicknamed “Booster Kuester” and you will find that most Charlotte history books will dedicate an entire section toward his service to our Greater Charlotte Community. Kuester Companies was established in 1975 by Faison S. Kuester Jr., since the Kuester Companies have gone on to be active in all areas of real estate throughout North and South Carolina for over 40 years. The Kuester Companies began with Kuester Management Group managing HOA’s. Followed by Kuester Commercial Real Estate and then Kuester Development. The president of Kuester Commercial is Faison Shaw Kuester, III. Kuester Development is lead by Faison Kuester Jr. While Kuester Management Group is lead by Bryan Kuester.

The Kuester Commercial offices are located in both Fort Mill, Boone, and Pinehurst.

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